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Fun Games

I am introducing this cool game called Castle Clash for you. It is one of the best android games to come out that is just as fun as Clash of Clans. The only difference is that you get to control heroes and guide them to victory. A good base design is a must at both games and that will allow you to protect your base pretty well. Boom Beach fun and ninja kingdom guide is also a game that is quite similar to clash of clans.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush

This is a pretty fun infinite running game that is worth playing. The minions are really cute and what more can you ask for in an endless running game?

Dragon City


Dragon City is a very popular game that has taken the mobile game industry by storm. You get to breed all kinds of dragons. If you need a quick guide, you can check out this cool breeding guide.

Promising Card games: Hearthstone

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